Line 9: Grand River to HWY 407 & 403 (Oakville)

by: paul baines
13:15 Jun 10 2013 Cambridge to Oakville

Line 9: Grand River to HWY 407 & 403 (Oakville)
Why should we work towards a Great Lakes Commons and how ?
The Westover to Montreal line, but just from the Grand River (just south of Cambridge) to Oakville.

Zoom out to see the pink-coloured pipeline route. Click on the 'Wider Map' and 'Taller Map' links to expand the view.

Add Reports with your videos, questions, articles, photos, and general concerns for how this Tar Sands Pipeline will affect you and your environment - especially water.

This section of Line 9 crosses over the following significant water areas:
- Grand River
- Fairchild Creek
- Spencer Creek
- Grindstone Creek Watershed
- Bronte Creek
- 16 Mile Creek and East 16 Mile Creek

Mark your voice on the Commons Map and tell everyone what you care about and where.


from the Environmental Defence link below:

Line 9 is an aging oil pipeline owned by Enbridge Inc. that runs through some of the most densely populated parts of Canada.

Right now, the 38-year-old pipeline carries conventional oil and runs across Ontario and Quebec. As part of a larger plan to export tar sands oil east through Canada and the U.S., Enbridge recently applied to reverse Line 9 and has asked for permission for the line to carry heavy crude, which could include tar sands oil. Once that tar sands oil reaches Montreal, it is expected that a second pipeline will be reversed to carry the oil south to Portland, Maine for export.

Enbridge’s Line 9 proposal carries many risks, but few rewards for communities along the pipeline’s route.

Photo credit: Environmental Defence
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