Waawaase'aagaming (The Shining Lake)

by: Becky Big Canoe
contact: bigcanoeB@gmail.com
12:39 Apr 11 2015 Lake Simcoe, ON

Waawaase'aagaming (The Shining Lake) Waawaase'aagaming (The Shining Lake) Waawaase'aagaming (The Shining Lake)
Why should we work towards a Great Lakes Commons and how ?
Waawaase'aagaming – The Shining Lake - was a favoured place of the Anishinaabe People.

The People are taught that there is a great lake in the Sky World, it is very holy and it bears this same name. There are songs about this water and ceremonies that are being revived by the People of Georgina Island, to teach us to honour and respect it.

The People are sharing this because they know that the most fundamental action we can take to protect our water, is to establish and maintain our spiritual connection with her.

Waawaase'aagaming is a film with a mission and a heart. A unique look into the First Nation history and personality of Lake Simcoe and those who live and work with the lake. A popular global travel destination, famed for it's year round fishing and scenic beauty, Lake Simcoe is one of the largest fresh water lakes in North America. But development, population growth and the consequential increased environmental upheaval, are changing the watershed, affecting the local wildlife and the lives of all who depend on the lake.

This film is about the Sacred nature of the lake and the water, and how much it means to all those who share the land and water. What is the future for the lake and will it bring forth the great promise of its past? The film is moving and inspired, and filled with the words of the people who really care for and revere the Shining Lake. This film brings a new awareness of the beauty and the wonder of our natural environment.

This is a film by Becky Big Canoe, Serena Morcinek, Gordon Bird, Penelope Beaudrow and Nick Faunus.
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