Wisconsin Green Muslims

by: Ann Brummitt
contact: annbrummitt@gmail.com
12:13 Jan 18 2016 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Green Muslims
Why should we work towards a Great Lakes Commons and how ?
The Wisconsin Green Muslims are promoting water stewardship by providing educational opportunities that connect Islamic environmental teachings with practical and daily aspects of water conservation and care. Islam ascribes the most sacred qualities to water as a life-giving, sustaining and purifying resource.

They host one-on-one and group conversations with participating Milwaukee Muslim communities across 4 watersheds, listening to and meeting people where they are, while acknowledging that people have different backgrounds, interests and concerns. Educational opportunities also include water-related seminars, workshops, a river cleanup of Lincoln Creek behind the Islamic Da’wa Center, and a celebration of World Water Day.

To support water conservation and facilitate practicing the Islamic faith following the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in making ablution –wudu- before prayer with limited amount of water, Wisconsin Green Muslims will install ablution –wudu- motion sensor faucet(s). Water stewardship will be part of the daily Muslim prayers: noon, afternoon, sunset prayers, or evening prayers, as people will need to make 'wudu' (ablution) before prayer.
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