Chicago in Ojibwe

17:17 Jan 21 2017 Chicago, Illinois

Chicago in Ojibwe
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This map (click above) is the result of extensive research by Charles Lippert. Charles has compiled a list of over one hundred Anishinaabemowin toponyms for the Chicago area, only a handful of which were able to fit on this map due to its scale.

See Decolonial Atlas link for the full story.

The toponyms that appear on this map are listed below. They include the Anishinaabemowin name, the English name, and the Anishinaabemowin translation.
• Aanikegamaakaan : Fox Lake region (Region of Chain of Lakes)

• Aasaaganashk-aki-zaaga’igan : Saganashkee Slough (Reeded-Land Lake)

• Asiniiwajiwing : Joliet, IL (By the Stone Mountain)

• Bagaanaako-ziibiins : Hickory Creek (Hickory Little River)

• Bagesaanimizhikaaning : Schaumburg, IL (By the Plum-tree Grove)

• Biiwaanagoonyi-ziibiwishenying : Barrington, IL (By the Flinty Brook)

• Bizhiki-bikwaakwaang : Buffalo Grove, IL (Buffalo Groved Prairie)

• Bizhiki-zaaga’igan : Fox Lake (Buffalo Lake)

• Boozitoo-ziibiikaadeng : Cal-Sag Canal (Shipping Canal)

• Dootoogang-aki-ziibi : Kankakee River (Marshland River)

• Gaa-zhigaagwanzhikaag : Chicago, IL (Place abundant with Wild Leeks [Skunk-grass]). Also known as: Zhigaagong (On the Skunk)

• Gichi-mitigwakiing: Aurora, IL (In the Big Woods)

• Gichi-neyaashiing : Evanston, IL (By the Big Point)

• Gichi-onigaming : Cicero, IL (At the Great Portage)

• Gichi-waabashkikiing : Skokie, IL (At the Big Wetland)

• Ginwaamiko-ziibi : Grand Calumet River (Long Sandbar River)

• Ginwaamiko-ziibiing : Gary, IN (By the Long Sandbar River)

• Ginwaamiko-ziibiins : Little Calumet River (Long Sandbar Little River)

• Ginwaamiko-ziibiwi-zaaga’igan : Lake Calumet (Lake of the Long Sandbar River)

• Ininwewi-gichigami : Lake Michigan (Big Lake of the Illinois [Plain Speakers]). Also known as: Mishii’igan (Grand Lake), and Odaawaa-gichigami (Big Lake of the Ottawa)

• Ininwewi-ziibi : Illinois River (River of the Illinois [Plain Speakers])

• Jiiga’oshkodeg-ziibi: Fox River (Scoured by Fire River)

• Maadaajiwanaang : Channahon, IL (At the Confluence)

• Mawii-zaaga’igan : Wolf Lake (Wolf [Weeper] Lake)

• Mishewe-bikwaakwaang : Elk Grove Village, IL (By the Elk Grove)

• Mitigomizhikiing : Oak Forest, IL (At the Oakland)

• Nabagisago-mikana-aazhoganing : Elgin (At the Plank Road Bridge)

• Negawi-ziibiins : Aux Sable River (Sandy River)

• Nibiinsing-ziibiins : Nippersink Creek (By the Little Waters Little River)

• Nisawijiwanaang : Calument City, IL; Hammond, IN (In between the Currents)

• Onigaming : Blue Island, IL (At the Portage)

• Waakaa’igan : Waukegan, IL (Fort)

• Wemitigoozhiiwi-gitigaaning : Wilmette (At the French Farm)

• Zaaga’amoo-ziibiikaadeng : Chicago Sanitary Canal (Defecation Canal)

• Zaagiinying-ziibi : DuPage River (River at the Lesser Outlet)

• Zaagiinying-ziibiing : Naperville, IL (At the River at the Lesser Outlet)

• Zhigaagwanzhikaa-ziibi : North Chicago River (River abundant with Wild Leeks [Skunk-grass])

• Zhiishiigimewanzh-ziibi : Des Plaines River (River with Sugar Maples [pissing stalks])

• Zhiishiigimewanzh-ziibiing : Des Plaines, IL (By the River with Sugar Maples [pissing stalks])
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