Montrose Beach Dunes + Montrose Point Migratory Bird Sanctuary

by: Melanie Eckner
09:08 Dec 22 2017 Montrose Beach, Chicago

Montrose Beach Dunes + Montrose Point Migratory Bird Sanctuary
Why should we work towards a Great Lakes Commons and how ?
Working towards a Great Lakes Commons offers people a concept—"commons"—that may help them to better understand the complex value of shared places like the Great Lakes that aren't adequately expressed or protected by national boundaries or state borders.

One way we might work towards a commons is by supporting and honoring ongoing restoration work such as is occurring at places like Montrose Point Dunes and Montrose Migratory Bird Sanctuary, where abiding effort over many years has helped to nurture native flora and habitat in a Lake Michigan location that was radically altered by human intervention in earlier times.

The whole of Montrose Point and Lincoln Park in the Uptown Chicago neighborhood is engineered land that was created in the 1930s as part of extending Lake Shore Drive. Owing to the vision, commitment, and hard work of volunteer stewards, experts, funders, and the Chicago Park District, naturalizing events such as the arrival of dune plants and migrating birds have been protected and encouraged.

Today the artificial land and coastline offers so many people and creatures the opportunity to share common habitat such as might have been experienced in earlier times along the Great Lakes. Its existence in such a densely populated place as Uptown is a hopeful sign that we already understand the Great Lakes Commons and how to achieve the delicate balancing act that allows it to thrive.

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