I've Got My Own Water Worries

by: Kirsten Lyons
contact: stewardship@scriver.org
11:47 Dec 27 2017 China Township, Michigan

I've Got My Own Water Worries
Why should we work towards a Great Lakes Commons and how ?
I’m an environmentalist concerned about the current state of our society. I’m especially worried about the willful ignorance, worship of money and rampant consumerism guiding many of our collective actions. This moral deterioration is being woven into our religious, governmental, law and education systems. If we don’t get actively involved in our own society and communities and take action to correct these trends, we will perish as a species and it will be in the near future. The planet does not need us, and at our current trajectory, it's safe to say she does not want us. It’s that simple.

I kept a Currency of Care note )share no. 2753) to remind myself that while more work is sorely needed, we are an intelligent and resilient community and I’m not in this alone.
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